The Data

DocInfo data is drawn from the Federation of State Medical Board’s Physician Data Center (PDC), the nation’s most comprehensive database of medical licensure and disciplinary actions. The PDC also includes data on thousands of physician assistants (PAs) regulated by state medical boards. 

License and disciplinary action data is continuously provided to the PDC by the nation’s 70 state medical boards- the agencies responsible for the licensing and regulation of allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) doctors. Because of their differing capacities and resources, state medical boards submit information to the PDC at varying intervals throughout the year. Most state medical boards provide information to the PDC on a monthly basis, with some providing data weekly or daily.

State medical boards have been sharing disciplinary actions with one another via the FSMB since the Federation’s founding in 1912. The robust reporting systems help ensure the data collated in the PDC is highly accurate and comprehensive.

What Sets DocInfo Apart 

Unlike other websites that provide unverified information, inconsistent doctor ratings and subjective patient reviews, DocInfo provides consumers with verified information directly from multiple sources (listed in the diagram above) and state medical boards. With more than one million records and doctor disciplinary actions dating back to the 1960s, DocInfo is the most comprehensive database of doctor professional background information available to the public.